I’m not selling anything. I don’t have a sneaky agenda or any grand ambitions. I’m not promoting myself, my T-shirts, or any particular political philosophy.

Protest T’s is not really about me. It’s about the ideas and observations and laments and hopes that I starting writing on t-shirts the week after the November 2016 election.

I was disturbed by the election results (I can hear some of you who know me saying, “Mike has been disturbed for a LONG time….”) I was particularly rattled by the realization that so many of my fellow citizens were willing to dismiss Donald Trump’s obvious defects and shortcomings and promote him to the most elevated and visible position of our great nation.

I really just wanted to start a conversation, and wearing my Protest T’s has started a lot of interesting and enlightening dialogues. So buy a Sharpie, pull out your old t-shirts, and let everyone know what’s on your mind. I’d love to talk about it.

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