The Swamp

I know swamps. I grew up around swamps – beautiful, dense growths of salt-marsh grasses rooted in fecund muds, impenetrable at low tide, reeking of methanogens and sulfur. I was a swamp rat, a kid who played in and on the swamps. Crabbing, rowing, climbing live oaks that hung over the margins of the wetlands. Hell, I’ve even spent time in the Great Dismal Swamp! I know swamps.

Who believed Donald Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp?” The Washington swamp is murkier, muckier, smellier than it has ever been, and the creatures in this swamp are slimier and more loathsome than they have ever been. Millionaires, billionaires, lobbyists, corporate shills, know-nothings – an administration driven by self-interest and corruption. The Trump administration is The Swamp on steroids.


Check out the details of the achievements of the new and improved republican swamp:


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