Donald Trump made this statement the same day that he was boycotting the Republican debate on Fox News because of “unfair” treatment from anchor Megyn Kelly.

That same day, Jeff Jacoby, conservative columnist for the Boston Globe, wrote these words:

The scope of American philanthropy is unparalleled anywhere on Earth. In 2014, Americans gave nearly $360 billion to charity, the highest total ever recorded. Most of it didn’t come from plutocrats and vast charitable endowments. Though the good works of private foundations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or the Ford Foundation, draw plenty of notice, they account for only 14 percent of charitable giving in this country. And just 5 percent comes from corporations.

The overwhelming share of that $360 billion is donated by individuals.

We don’t know how much Donald Trump gave to charity last year or any other year because we haven’t seen his tax returns. We do know, because of invaluable investigation by Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, that Trump has not given any money to his own “charity”, the Trump Foundation, since 2008.

Greedy. When Donald Trump tells the truth, it isn’t pretty.

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